• Japan Toray High Modulus Carbon Fiber T-1000
  • The First bike brand adopts USA High-Tech Damping material “Innegra” into the frame set .
  • Frame Set Approved by UCI for professional racing use
  • Aero Dynamic Carbon Clincher wheelset approved by UCI for professional racing use
  • Lifetime Warranty



Outstanding, the perfect design of Asymmetrical balance. Dominate of the same level bikes.

Asymmetrical Balance Technology

Asymmetrical Fork Design

The reinforced groove design on the right side of the fork increases the stiffness longitudinally as well maintaining the forks dampening effect.

Bottom Bracket Asymmetric Design

Enlarged BB design increases torsional strength and transverse stiffness to optimize steering and cycling efficiency.

Asymmetrical Seat Stay / Chain Stay Design

The diamond shape of the cross section increases the longitudinal/ transverse stiffness and riding comfort. The tear-drop shape design enlarged the cross section of chain stay, strengthen the right side power transmission and prevent the power loss from the distortion of the frame.

The cutting-edge carbon composite patented technology that combines INNEGRA/LATEX with the high-strength carbon fiber material Torayca T1000 from Japan

Currently, the world’s lightest high-performance carbon fiber is the advanced material INNEGRA from the United States. The GUSTO R&D team has exclusively developed their carbon composite patent technology to incorporate INNEGRA’s high modulus materials, the absorption properties of LATEX, and the highly rigid TORAYCA T1000 from japan to create a remarkably rigid, stable, and compliant GUSTO frame


GUSTO road racing bicycles use the top-grade high-strength carbon fiber material Torayca T1000 from Japan. This enhances the frames stiffness and strength ensuring minimal powerloss when pedaling


In addition to enhancing product scratch and stain resistance, ANP Aurora Nano Paint also increases product color brightness by 40% and extends the paint durability compared to conventional coatings.

ATTAQUE Integrated carbon seat post

In addition to reducing the bicycles overall weight, the post also provides increased seat adjustment to achieve optimal riding comfort.

ATTAQUE Integrated carbon handlebar

the integrated handelbar and stem combination design is the future of road bikes. Compared to the traditional handelbar and stem, the integrated setup greatly reduces drag and enhances the aerodynamic properties of the bike. The carbon fibre material increases the comfort and stiffness of the front end, allowing great handelling when cornering or sprinting.