The All New 2020 RCT 1.1 100% using by Japan Toray Carbon T-1000 frameset. In Air flow & Team rider race test, result showed RCT 1.1 could reduce 73% wind resistance of front air flow & 43% wind resistance of side air flow. New Gusto RCT 1.1 bring you to another new sprint level.


  • Japan Toray Carbon Fibre T-1000
  • All New Shimano R7000
  • Attaque 90mm Wheelset
  • Lifetime Warranty UCI Certified Bike


Full Set Shimano R7000 Shift/Brake System

2019 RCT using full set Shimano 105 all new upgraded R7000, completed full set Shimano 105 R7000 Shift/Brake system to ensure the perfect matches between the parts and power retention. It will become the supportive groupset that beginner riders choose to help them train for, and ride in more serious races. 

Attaque 90mm Wheelset

Invested heavily to develop the 90mm high frame plate wheel, the low frame wheel of the front wheel can effectively break the wind, and the high efficiency of the rear frame can drive the output, which can better show the explosive force in sprint